2008 CBM News

Bad news for sage grouse takes time to develop
The news isn't getting much better about the fate of sage grouse in the midst of energy development projects, according to professor Dave Naugle, associate professor of large scale wildlife ecology of the University of Montana, Missoula.....(12/15/08)

War on the Range--As gas drilling surges in the Western U.S., some ranchers are looking for ways to fight back
BIRNEY, Mont. -- A new range war is spreading across the Rocky Mountain West. And this time, it's pitting ranchers against a modern-day nemesis: the gas industry........(11/16/08)

Gov. Blasts Plan That Affects Elk
Gov. Dave Freudenthal sent a sharply worded letter to the Bureau of Land Management on Monday, urging the agency to ensure that an isolated, prairie elk herd living in Campbell County’s Fortification Creek area is protected, even as the BLM processes oil and gas permits in the area....(10/12/08)

Fortification Soon Will Open to Drilling
Despite long-standing opposition from wildlife advocates and environmental groups, the rangeland supporting one of Campbell County’s most prized elk herds soon will be open to coal-bed methane development....(10/7/08)

CBM Water Inquires are step in the Right Direction
We're glad to see that the state engineer's office is continuing to question how groundwater is being used for coal-bed methane production in the Powder River Basin....(8/27/08)

New plan won’t impact most drilling

The most recent proposed plan to manage sage grouse in the Powder River Basin will not affect about 99 percent of the oil and gas permits within the new 1 million acre management area.....(08/15/08)

BLM sets grouse protection zone

The greater sage grouse will receive special protection from oil and gas development on about a million acres in the Powder River Basin under an interim management plan announced Wednesday by the Bureau of Land Management.....(08/14/08)

Water Research Worries Drillers, Ranchers
A paper published by University of Wyoming researchers has some oil and gas companies in the Powder River Basin worried about water discharge permits and some Wyoming ranchers worried the water they have been using for years will no longer be considered safe for livestock to drink....(8/12/08)

Governor Freudenthal Issues Sage-Grouse Order
In an unprecedented move, on Friday Governor Dave Freudenthal issued an order that asks state agencies to work to maintain and enhance sage-grouse habitat in the state....(8/06/08)

Group Says BLM Way Behind in Oil & Gas Inspections
As much as 84 percent of oil and gas drilling permits in the Powder River Basin have not been properly inspected and permit rules are not being enforced, according to a Sheridan-based landowners group....(8/03/08)

Gov Orders Grouse Guidelines
Gov. Dave Freudenthal on Friday issued an executive order outlining the state's plan to protect the greater sage grouse and its habitat in Wyoming.

Gas Drillers in Race for Hearts & Land
You could have taken a nostalgic drive through the past on Thursday night, through the dreamy green landscape at the outer edges of the Catskills, past sleepy fishing towns like Roscoe and Downsville, to the lovingly restored Walton Theater, built in 1914 for vaudeville acts, honored guests like Theodore Roosevelt and community events of all shapes and sizes....(6/29/08)

Cons of Gas Drilling Heard at Meeting
More than 200 people gathered at the Walton Theatre on Thursday night to hear about the problems and pitfalls of drilling for natural gas....(6/27/08)

Drilling: Uncertaintly Reigns
The coal-bed methane industry in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin may have just lost some ground in its on-going fight with a little brown bird no bigger than a chicken....(6/2/08)

BLM Limits Drilling to Protect Sage Grouse
New regulations that could limit pending gas and oil well permits in the Wyoming Powder River Basin to one well pad per 500 acres will likely go into effect sometime this summer” the latest development in a growing effort to protect the sage grouse....(5/29/08)

Colo County Mulls Well Fees to Pay for Energy Boom
Rio Blanco County's 6,000 inhabitants don't expect the full force of northwestern Colorado's energy boom for a while. But
they're already struggling to keep up with a daily influx of gas company workers, 18-wheelers and rising police calls....(5/20/08)

Panelists Urge Residents to Stay Involved
After sitting through environmental meetings held first by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and then the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Sublette County citizens turned away from government completely on Tuesday night to hold a public information meeting of their own....(5/14/08)

EPA approves Montana Water Standards
Matthew Brown-AP-Billings, Mont,--The federal government has approved strict new water quality standards by Montana over fears that coal-bed methane drilling in neighboring Wyoming......(5/5/2008)

Wyo. Senate Rejects CBM Water Bill-Ben Neary-AP-Cheyenne, Wyo.-A bill that would have allowed greater state regulation of water discharged from coal-bed methane wells died in the Wyoming State Senate....(2/26/08)

Split Estate-by American Public Media-Wyoming is in the midst of a natural gas boom. But Bill and Marge West aren't happy about it. Their ranch was once 13,000 acres of quiet grazing lands and hay meadows. Now it's dotted with power lines and natural gas wells....(2/25/08)

CBM Drilling Halt in Drainages Suggested-Matthew Brown-AP-Halting natural gas development in two northern Wyoming drainages would conserve tens of billions of gallons of water with a negligible effect on gas production......(2/08/08)

Geologist Calls for Water Controls-Star-Tribune Energy Reporter-In December, State Engineer Pat Tyrrell asked for an explanation of how coal-bed methane operations are putting groundwater to "beneficial use"......(2/07/08)

Industry: Action is 'Fair'-by Dustin Bleizeffer- CST-The state engineer's decision to require proof that produced coal-bed methane water actually contributes to the commercial production of gas........(1/07/08)

Wyo, Montana resume talks-by Matthew Brown-Associated Press-Officials from Montana and Wyoming are revisiting terms of a proposed agreement between the two states in a lawsuit.....(1/07/08)

Schweitzer rejects CBM settlement-by Clair Johnson, Billings Gazette-Gov. Brian Schweitzer said Friday that he will not sign a proposed settlement with Wyoming on Coalbed methane water discharge......(1/05/08)