2011 CBM News


Wyoming regulators nix new microbe gas rules
Wyoming oil and gas regulators decided Thursday to ditch revised rules for a new way to boost coalbed methane production...(09/29/2011)

Energy policy and minerals-to-gasoline projects discussed
Everything from a statewide energy policy to microbes was on the table at a two-day session of the legislative committee overseeing Wyoming’s mineral development last week..(09/20/2011).

Wyoming to Address EPA Farming Concerns
Wyoming regulators temporarily tabled discussion Tuesday of proposed rules for methane farming in response to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency suggestions....(08/09/2011)

New Energy Technology Leaves Landowners Worried
Why wait millions of years for natural gas to form deep underground when you can produce it yourself in a few months? A Colorado company says it has a way to reinvigorate natural gas wells ...(05/25/2011)

Researchers License Methane Technology for Coal Seams
Wyoming researchers have licensed a process that feeds microbes in coal seams and oil shale to speed up coalbed methane production...(04/03/2011)

Oil and Gas Commission threatens to plug wells
In an unusual display of candor, a financially strapped coal bed methane developer told the Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission of the hardships his company faced because of the dramatic drop in natural gas prices over the past three years...(03/16/2011)

Group: Wyoming split-estate law needs improvements
Wyoming ought to toughen up its law aimed at preventing conflicts when petroleum companies seek to drill for oil or gas on private property with or without the landowner's permission, a landowner group says....(01/5/2011)