CBM Legal Document Samples

Below you will find links to some EXAMPLE legal agreement documents that you will need to be familiar with if you own property in Sheridan, Johnson, and CampbellCounties.

These documents are here FREE for YOUR USE courtesy of PowderRiverBasin.org and a Landowners group! These ARE NOT meant to be used without first consulting a qualified attorney. You SHOULD seek legal help before coal bed methane developers approach you.

[ Who controls the minerals below your property? You can find out for yourself for free. Get the legal description of your property from your deed. Go the County court house. They will help you to find what company controls the minerals below your property or you can have an attorney help you. ]

You may print out the documents below and use them with your attorney. Customize them to fit your situation. They give you a place to start. They are complete, however, we encourage you to keep us informed as you, as individual property owners, sign agreements with CBM developers. You may develop better agreements and have more current pricing for the hardware and damages.

We encourage you to share these agreements and any others you may come up with, with your neighbors, and other property owners. You can do that on your own, or through this web site, by sending us your agreements in electronic format, e-mail or on diskette. We will be happy to place them on this web site for others to see and download. We will of course protect your privacy, by removing all references to individuals, companies and land descriptions.

We want to promote the "spirit of community". Friends helping friends, and neighbors helping neighbors. Share unselfishly with others.