Draft EIS (Powder River Basin)

Powder River Basin Resource Council, Wyoming Outdoor Council, and Northern Plains Resource Council in Montana sought the expertise of over a dozen consultants during the public comments period on the Bureau of Land Management's Draft Environmental Impact statement for 51,000 coalbed methane wells proposed for the Powder River Basin in the next ten years. These experts submitted their own comments to BLM, and Powder River Basin Resource Council used them to formulate specific comments on the draft. The consultants and their qualifications are listed below. All of the consultants submitted comprehensive analysis of the draft EIS, and all outlined what they believed to be serious shortcomings of the document.

The federal Bureau of Land Management issued its Draft Environmental Impact Statement in 2002. This is a hefty document, too large to archive on our Web site, but a copy is available for review at Powder River's offices at 934 N. Main, Sheridan, Wyoming.

However, we have posted comments on that DEIS submitted by Powder River and other experts.