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Dr. John D. Spengler
Environmental Science and Engineering Program
Harvard School of Public Health
Landmark Center
PO Box 15677
401 Park Drive, Room 406 WEST
Boston, MA 02215

John Spengler is the Akira Yamaguchi Professor of Environmental Health and Human Habitation, and Director of the Environmental Science and Engineering Program in the Department of Environmental Health, at HarvardUniversity's School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts. Prof. Spengler has conducted research in the areas of personal monitoring, air pollution health effects, aerosol characterization, indoor air pollution and air pollution meteorology, and has published extensively in the open literature in each of these areas. More recently, his research assesses the health implications (mortality and morbidity), including economic impacts, of energy use (electric power and mobile sources) as well as demand-side management strategies (e.g., building energy codes). Professor Spengler has been active in professional education workshops and short courses on topics that include pollution prevention and indoor environmental quality management for schools, offices and hospitals, and distance learning courses ( He is co-editor of three books: Indoor Air Quality Handbook (McGraw-Hill, 2001); Particles in Our Air: Concentrations and Health Effects (distributed by Harvard University Press, 1996); and Indoor Air Pollution: A Health Perspective (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1991). He is on the editorial board of the journal Indoor Air.