Fortification News Releases

2012 Fortification News

Conservation groups sue over NE Wyoming Fortification Creek gas wells
Three conservation groups filed suit against the Interior Department in federal court Tuesday over a plan to open an ecologically fragile piece of northeast Wyoming to the development of hundreds of coal-bed methane wells....CST (06/19/2012)

Groups sue to stop Fortification Creek development
Two Wyoming conversation groups have joined others in suing to protect the Fortification Creek area of the Powder River Basin from natural gas development....WPM (6/19/2012)

2011 Fortification News

BLM Approves Energy Development in Wyoming's Fortification Creek
The U.S. Bureau of Land Management on Friday gave final approval to a resource management plan for the Fortification Creek area, opening the area that’s home to an unusual prairie elk herd to phased gas drilling....(08/06/2011)

Eastern Wyoming:  One Last Wild Area Being Destroyed
Most of the Powder River Basin in eastern Wyoming is far from its original wild state; instead it is pockmarked with thousands of coalbed methane wells, and criss-crossed with associated roads and industrial facilities. Nestled within the Powder River Basin,....(06/15/2011)

Groups file protest against BLM Fortification Creek plan in Wyoming
Eight landowner, wildlife and conservation groups filed a protest Monday with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management regarding plans to allow new coal-bed methane wells in the Fortification Creek area of the Powder River Basin....(04/20/2011)

Neither side satisfied with Fortification Creek plan
Hitting the home stretch of a project started in 2007, the Bureau of Land Management recently released its proposal for protecting wildlife while allowing oil industry development in the Fortification Creek area...(03/23/2011)

2009 Fortification News

BLM slows down Fortification Creek project
In a decision that surprised both proponents and opponents of coal-bed methane drilling at Fortification Creek, the Bureau of Land Management state office has directed the BLM's Buffalo field office to take a second look at the impact the drilling will have on elk herds.

BLM halts drilling near elk herd
Drilling in the Fortification Creek area west of Gillette is on hold following a decision by the Wyoming Bureau of Land Management....(12/10/09)

Elk concerns halt gas rilling in NE Wyoming
CHEYENNE, Wyo. - Environmentalist concerns about elk have prompted the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to suspend coal-bed methane drilling in part of the gas-rich Powder River Basin in northeast Wyoming....(12/9/09)

Drawing Boundries
The main target of activity for coal-bed methane drillers in northeast Wyoming is in the southern portion of the Fortification Creek area -- part of important year-round range for a rare prairie elk herd....(10/26/09)

The battle for Fortification Creek: Energy needs and environmental concerns collide in the middle of nowhere
The Ford F-150 rumbles down what’s called the Kinney Divide, a road in only the loosest sense of the term, but still the main artery bisecting a valuable piece of property known as “Augusta Unit Zeta.”.....(9/30/09)

CBM Development Encroaches on Area Elk Herd
Natural gas prices continue to tumble, falling by about 22 cents on the stock market, and some storage facilities are close to capacity.....(9/28/09)

Drilling in Prime Elk Area Reviewed
The decision to allow drilling in the Fortification Creek will get a closer look by the state....(8/25/09)

Conservation Group Asks Wyoming BLM to Stop Methane Project
Some conservation and sporting groups have asked the Bureau of Land Management to reconsider the approval of a methane project in northwestern Wyoming's Fortification Creek elk range.....(8/24/09)

Drilling in Wyo. elk range expected by end of Aug.
Drilling for gas in the Fortification Creek elk range of northeast Wyoming is expected to start by the end of August after federal land managers ruled the drilling would have no significant environmental impact....(8/10/09)

Little room for elk?
Conservation groups say federal regulators appear ready to approve a coal-bed methane gas drilling plan that threatens to encroach upon the prized Fortification Creek elk herd in the Powder River Basin....(07/22/09)

BLM: Fortification Creek plans not harmful
An environmental assessment released by the Bureau of Land Management’s Buffalo office finds that mineral development in the Fortification Creek area would not have significant impacts on wildlife there.....(7/12/09)

Gov. blasts plan that affects elk
Gov. Dave Freudenthal sent a sharply worded letter to the Bureau of Land Management on Monday, urging the agency to ensure that an isolated, prairie elk herd living in Campbell County’s Fortification Creek area is protected, even as the BLM processes oil and gas permits in the area.....(10/12/08)

Fortification soon will open to drilling
Despite long-standing opposition from wildlife advocates and environmental groups, the rangeland supporting one of Campbell County’s most prized elk herds soon will be open to coal-bed methane development....(10/07/09)

Governor urges protection of rare elk herd
Oil and gas companies have their eyes on the Fortification Creek area that includes more than 100-thousand acres in Johnson, Campbell and Sheridan counties. ...(10/6/08)

Forum on sensitive landscape scheduled
by The News-Record staff. A public forum to discuss the future land use of an environmental sensitive landscape that supports a rare herd of 203 prairie elk......(10/7/2007)

Groups file another appeal over CBM development in elk habitat.
by Brantley Hargrove. In response to federal approval of a new cluster of coal-bed methane wells near a heard of rare and sensitive prairie elk......(8/1/07)

The Last Stand?
By Brantley Hargrove-News-Record. On Fortification Road in western CampbellCounty gravel trucks kicked up white dust clouds......(7/3/2007)

Drilling near Wyoming Elk Herd Challenged
By Gillette News. A coalition of environmental and conservation groups on Wednesday asked the federal Department of Interior to reverse last year's approval of 87 coal-bed methane wells on Fortification Creek........(5/9/07)