Introductory Membership

$20 Introductory Membership Offer

For a limited time, you, your family and friends can become a member of the Powder River Basin Resource Council for only $20! That's a one third savings off our usual $30 membership price! Join the group that has been called "the most respected conservation organization in the Rocky Mountain area", by former Governor Herschler and find out why!

Powder River Basin Resource Council is a truly grassroots conservation organization. (Our members decide together what our issues will be.) Just as Powder River is a truly family-based agriculture organization. (Our founding members were ranchers and farmers, and much of our membership continues to make a living from the land.) We like to describe ourselves as "partnering" with Wyoming citizens to ensure the healthy future of Wyoming's land, water, air and other resources essential to our quality of life (including people and families and communities.)

Not just for today but for future generations.

Powder River Basin Resource Council memberships will be $20 for the first year. Now is the opportunity to give memberships to family, friends and neighbors! Join Today