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5 Years After Gas Well Blowout, Clark Residents Vent Frustrations
Frustrations spilled over at a public hearing here Wednesday night, with residents accusing state and county leaders of abandoning them five years after a natural gas company lost control of its well and left groundwater undrinkable....(08/04/2011)

Life Has Changed for Many Clark Residents After Well Blowout
The blowout of a gas well in the Line Creek Drainage here five years ago has divided this community and left several residents with buyer's remorse....(08-04-2011)

Clark Residents Vent Frustrations with DEQ, Windsor Energy
Deb Thomas stopped her car and pointed to the spot above Line Creek on the Beartooth Front where the accident happened five years ago....(05/26/11)

Clark well blowout and cleanup topic of public meeting
Five years after the blowout of a natural gas well polluted groundwater with toxic drilling chemicals, the state of Wyoming and the well's owner are preparing an agreement to clean up the spill...(05/17/2011)

Gulf oil spill highlights environmental issues in Wyoming
While an oil rig disaster continues to play out in the Gulf of Mexico, so does speculation about the safety and environmental performance of the industry onshore.....(05/06/2010)

Wyoming Group Drilling Contamination Puts Water at Risk
According to Clark Resource Council, a citizens' environmental group, Windsor Energy Group, LLC recently put its assets up for bid and has explained, at a recent public meeting, that the benzene contamination created by a gas well blowout three years ago has exceeded regulatory levels in a nearby creek.....(10/02/2009)

Fracking Resolution debated in Wyo Committee
CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - A state legislative committee is considering a resolution asking Congress and President Obama to continue to exempt hydraulic fracturing from the Safe Drinking Water Act....(02/12/2009)

Panel Mulls Co-op's Rate request
Beartooth Electric Cooperative's 386 Wyoming customers may soon confront the same jump in their power bills that stunned its nearly 4,000 Montana members earlier this month....(01/30/2009)

Neighbors visit site of proposed well
CLARK - Citing the cumulative effects of growing energy development along the Line Creek drainage and past environmental problems that remain unresolved, some Clark residents asked for strict oversight Wednesday of a planned natural-gas well just inside the Shoshone National Forest....(10/09/2008)