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Governor: Wyoming Can't Control Greenhouse Gases
Gov. Dave Freudenthal this week told the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that Wyoming cannot implement that agency's "Tailoring Rule" in regard to the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions....(09/11/2010)

High Court gives OK for Dry Fork to fire up
The Wyoming Supreme Court says the Dry Fork power plant north of Gillette can start operating when it is finished in 2011.  The court upheld the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality's ruling that the 385-megawatt coal-fired power plant meets air quality requirements.....(03/09/2010)

2009 Dry Fork News

Wyoming Supreme Court hears power plant dispute
Wyoming violated its own laws by not requiring a new coal-fired power plant in Campbell County to emit less air pollution, an attorney for conservation and environmental groups argued before the state Supreme Court Thursday.....(08/13/09)

2008 Dry Fork News Articles

Power Plant Debate Goes to Court
The Dry Fork Station power plant under construction northeast of Gillette will be sued by environmental groups that claim that the 385-megawatt plant carbon emissions won’t meet Clean Air Act standards....(11/21/08)

Coal Plant Appeal Heads to Court
Conservation groups said they will go to state District Court to appeal Thursday's findings by the Wyoming Environmental Quality Council....(11/20/08)

Dry Fork Clears Environmental Challenges
Environmental Quality Council denied all claims by environmental groups in a hearing Monday in Casper.....(10/03/08)

Debate on Dry Fork Station Permit up for Resolve Monday
Environmental groups and Basin Electric will try to resolve the legal part of the debate over the Dry Fork Station air permit in a hearing Monday in Casper....(9/29/08)

Rising Up From the Prairie
Less than a year ago, the Dry Fork Station construction site was home to nothing more than roaming antelope.(9/14/08)

2007 Dry Fork News Articles

Petition to Review Dry Fork Power Station Air Permit Won't be Heard Until November
A petition asking the state to review an air permit issued to the Dry Fork Power Station.......(12/30/07)

Power Station's Environmental Permit Challenge Won't Be Heard Until 2008
A host of state and national environmental groups challenging an air permit for the Dry Fork Station power plant....(12/06/07)

Gov. Defends Dry Fork Decision on Coal Boiler
Gov. Dave Freudenthal defended Basin Electric Power Cooperative's decision to use a pulverized coal boiler in its Dry Fork Station Power Plant....(11/04/07)

Group Challenge Coal Plant
A number of conservation groups have challenged that state's air pollution permit for a new coal-fired power plant, asserting that coal-gasification technology to cut carbon dioxide emissions is a proven and viable option....(11/02/07)

Groups Want Dry Fork Permit Pulled
Four environmental groups have asked state regulators to pull an air quality permit for the Dry Fork Station....(11/02/07)

Gillette Coal Plant Challenged Over Global Warming
Environmental groups citing the dangers of global warming want a state panel to revoke the permit....(11/01/07)

Groups Seek to Clean Up Wyoming's "Dirtiest" Coal Power Plant-Wyoming citizens concerned about the proposed Dry Fork coal-fired power plant planned for Gillette have asked the state Environmental Quality Council to make sure the plant is built....(11/01/07)

Conservation group condemns Dry Fork Pollution Permit-by Dustin Bleizeffer CST- Despite his previous statements regarding global warming's harmful effects on the future....(10/20/07)