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Wyoming to Strengthen Fracking Chemical Disclosure in Response to Citizen Pressure
Under a settlement agreement approved late Friday, the Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission must adopt more rigorous policies for scrutinizing industry requests to keep the identities of fracking chemicals secret...(01/26/2015)

Wyoming Business Report New:Wyo. Supreme Court remands fracking trade secret case
CHEYENNE - The Wyoming Supreme Court Wednesday remanded a case on hydraulic fracturing trade secrets to the Casper District Court, saying the district court didn't get to the heart of the matter in its first ruling....(03/12/2014)

Fracking the Eagle Ford Shale: Big Oil and Bad Air on the Texas Prairie
The Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas is the site of one of the biggest energy booms in America, with oil and gas wells sprouting at an unprecedented rate. But local residents fear for their health - not from the water, but from the air they breathe...(2/2014)

The myth of energy independence
The definition of "energy independence" is evolving. Up to recently, it has meant the U.S. producing enough of our own oil and gas so that we were not dependent on other nations for our energy needs...(01/15/13)

17 Groups Petition EPA For Public Reporting Of Chemical Releases From Fracking, Other Oil And Gas Operations
The Environmental Integrity Project (EIP), along with 16 other local, regional, and national organizations petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today to require the oil and gas extraction industry-including companies engaged in fracking-to report to the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI)....(10/27/2012)

EPA report defends Pavillion water testing methods
U.S. EPA scientists are defending the methods they used to test a key well in the Pavillion, Wyo., hydraulic fracturing water contamination investigation....(10/17/2012)

EPA vindicated on Pavillion fracking pollution tests
When the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its long-awaited draft report on its investigation into the groundwater contamination near Pavillion, Wyo., in 2011, the oil and gas industry knew it was in trouble....(10/11/2012)

USGS sampling in Wyoming appears to support earlier EPA results
There’s more evidence suggesting that fracking in Wyoming is polluting groundwater near the town of Pavilion, as U.S. Geological Survey water quality sampling appears to show similar results as an earlier epa study.....(10/09/2012)

Wyoming Gov. Mead: Wait for analysis of Pavillion data
The state may have to examine its hydraulic fracturing rules if testing in the Pavillion area shows the oil and gas production technique contaminated groundwater there, Gov. Matt Mead said Tuesday...(10/02/2012)

USGS releases retest data from Pavillion fracking
The results of a retest of wells in Pavillion allegedly contaminated by hydraulic fracturing activities were released yesterday, with little analysis provided beyond methodology by the United States Geological Survey...(09/27/2012)

Diesel in Water Near Fracking Confirms EPA Tests Wyoming Disputes
A retest of water in Pavillion, Wyoming, found evidence of many of the same gases and compounds the Environmental Protection Agency used to link contamination there to hydraulic fracturing, the first finding of that kind. ...(09/27/2012)

New test results due from Wyoming fracking zone
The U.S. Geological Survey plans to release results Wednesday from a new round of groundwater tests in a Wyoming gas field where another federal agency linked hydraulic fracturing to contaminants found in two water wells and local residents have complained of chemicals polluting their well water...09/26/2012

Wyoming Gov. Mead to Interior: Back off on fracking rules
Gov. Matt Mead has asked the Interior Department to scale back — or abandon altogether — proposed rules that would require petroleum companies to disclose the chemicals they inject down well bores during hydraulic fracturing...(09/11/2012)
A natural gas drilling rush is on in rural North Dakota. And with it, residents are reporting growing numbers of respiratory ailments, skin lesions, blood oozing from eyes, and the deaths of livestock and pets...(09/06/2012)

The Fracking Industry's Money Trail Leads Straight to Congress
A natural gas drilling rush is on in rural North Dakota. And with it, residents are reporting growing numbers of respiratory ailments, skin lesions, blood oozing from eyes, and the deaths of livestock and pets...(09/06/2012)

Divergent Wyo. interests agree on frack rule delay
Divergent interest groups in Wyoming say they approve of a decision by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to postpone proposed new rules for hydraulic fracturing...(6/27/2012)

Fracking rules, tests still up in air
Oil and natural gas operators use hydraulic fracturing to split open underground formations to allow oil and gas to flow to the surface....(05/24/2012)

Madison Aquifer Alliance hosts screening of film Gasland, Wyoming rancher featured speaker
The film Gasland by Josh Fox was screened for an interested audience at the Yogo Inn on Thursday evening....(05-18-2012)

Industry's fracking problem
The Interior Department on Friday issued its proposed rule requiring the disclosure of fracking chemicals used in wells drilled on public and Indian lands, and it doesn’t appear that anyone is pleased with it...(05/09/2012)

Hydraulic Fracturing Under the Safe Drinking Water Act
Natural gas plays a key role in our nation's clean energy future and the process known as hydraulic fracturing is one way of accessing that vital resource. Hydraulic fracturing is used by gas producers to stimulate wells and recover natural gas from sources such as coalbeds and shale gas formations...05/04/12)

EPA Releases Draft Permitting Guidance for Using Diesel Fuel in Oil and Gas Hydraulic Fracturing/Guidance will clarify means of compliance with 2005 Amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act
Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released draft underground injection control (UIC) program permitting guidance for class II wells that use diesel fuels during hydraulic fracturing activities. EPA developed the draft guidance to clarify how companies can comply with a law passed by Congress in 2005, which exempted hydraulic fracturing operations from the requirement to obtain a UIC permit, except in cases where diesel fuel is used as a fracturing fluid...(05/04/12)

Pavillion Area Concerned Citizens (PACC) statement on The AP Exclusive: Wyo. got EPA to delay frack finding
Wyo. got EPA to delay frack finding is yet another perfect example of how the State of Wyoming has covered up industry's horrendous practices. Impacted citizens are viewed as collateral damage while the oil and gas industry rakes in billions of dollars...(05/04/2012)

AP: Wyo. got EPA to delay frack finding
Wyoming's governor persuaded the head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to postpone an announcement linking hydraulic fracturing to groundwater contamination, giving state officials - whom the EPA had privately briefed on the study - time to attempt to debunk the finding before it rocked the oil and gas industry more than a month later, an investigation by The Associated Press has found...(05/04/2012)

Sage grouse on the brink
Sage grouse in northeastern Wyoming are on the verge of extinction, hammered hard by a one-two punch from energy development and outbreaks of West Nile virus, according to a recently released U.S. Bureau of Land Management study....(04/03/2012)

Groups plan suit against Wyoming regulators over fracking fluid secrets
Three environmental groups and a watchdog group will file a petition in a Wyoming court Monday, hoping a judge will force state regulators to release secret lists of chemicals used by some companies in the hydraulic fracturing process.

First-ever federal fracking rules draw mixed reviews
A first look at what could be the first federal rules for hydraulic fracturing is drawing mixed reactions in Wyoming....(02/15/2012)

Oil industry and environmentalists spar over fracking fluid disclosure rules
Environmentalist and oil industry representatives engaged in a tug-of-war over Colorado's proposed rule requiring disclosure of fracking fluid ingredients at a hearing today...(12/05/2011)

Many think Wyoming's new fracking regulations don't go far enough.
Both Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency are looking at ways to better regulate what is called hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking. It involves using a pressurized mix of water, sand and chemicals to release oil or gas into a well. Today we are going to have two stories on this topic. Recently Wyoming enhanced its regulations concerning fracking. Yet critics complain that there is still too much leeway for companies to do as they please. Wyoming Public Radio's Irina Zhorov reports....(09/30/2011)

Wyoming fracking forum features frank exchange of views
For two days in Laramie this week, representatives of the energy industry, regulators, environmentalists, politicians, students and landowners sat and talked about the controversial but common oil and gas industry practice of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking....(09/28/2011)

Fracking represents opportunity, conflict
On the Wyoming land where some see agriculture and others see energy, Family Farm President Pat O'Toole sees conflict....(09/28/2011)

Former state legislator; ‘All we lack is some leadership’
As drilling and seismic mapping technologies continue to advance our ability to plumb the subterranean and unlock massive amounts of domestic oil and natural gas, many in the industry hint at a massive new drilling boom in the Rockies like never seen before - presumably a ripe opportunity for the nation to finally kick foreign oil imports...(09/26/2011)

Groups petition EPA for federal fracking rules
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency should demand that companies disclose the chemicals they use in hydraulic fracturing and conduct safety and health tests on the effects of those chemicals, more than 100 advocacy groups say....(08/05/2011)

Texas Passes "Fracking" Disclousure Law
Texas now requires natural gas well operators to disclose the chemicals they pump into the ground to drive the gas to the surface, a process known as hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking." Several states have considered similar rules because of the chemicals' potential to contaminate drinking water....(07/20/2011)

National 'fracking' fluid database unveiled
A national database for the ingredients used in a controversial technique for obtaining oil and gas was opened for use on Monday...(04/11/2011)

Radio Active Hydro fracking waste water
Radioactive wastewater is being dumped into the drinking water of Pennsylvania and other states by a controversial drilling process known as hydraulic fracturing, or hydrofracking, according to recently obtained documents and investigative reports....(03/03/2011)

New York passes moratorium on gas drilling technique linked to water contamination
On Nov. 30, the New York State Assembly voted in favor of a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," the practice by natural gas producers of flooding underground gas deposits with chemical-containing fluids to force the gas up. If Gov. David Paterson signs the moratorium, as he is expected to do, New York will be the first state to take such a step against the process. However, several other states have been tightening regulations on fracking in an effort to stem drinking water contamination that is costing local governments....(12/10/2010)

Hydraulic Fracking Raises Concerns From Environmentalists
Hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" as it is best known, has drawn its share of controversy nationwide as well as locally from environmental groups, who have raised concerns over safety issues. Shannon Anderson with the Powder River Basin Resource Council explains the process of fracking..(11/2010)

Two Companies Seek Trade Secret Status for Fracking Fluids in Wyoming
Two chemical manufacturers are seeking an exemption from new rules in Wyoming that require public disclosure of the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing [2], a controversial natural gas drilling process suspected of polluting groundwater....(11/02/2010)

Dark Side of a Natural Gas Boom- Victoria Switzer dreamed of a peaceful retirement in these Appalachian hills. Instead, she is coping with a big problem after a nearby natural gas well contaminated her family’s drinking water with high levels of methane.....(12/08/2009)