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Press Release: Landowners Outraged at Wyoming's Proposed Oil and Gas Setback
At their monthly meeting in Casper, Wyoming today, the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (WOGCC) passed up the opportunity to become a national leader in balanced and responsible energy development by failing to establish an effective and even minimally protective setback distance between homes and oil and gas wells...(11/18/2014)

Wyoming to study setback requirements for oil and gas operations; flaring, bond requirements tabled
Oil and gas operations might be pushed further away from homes, schools and other residential buildings under a rule change being considered by Wyoming regulators...(04/16/14)

Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission hosting public meetings in April on rulemaking for flaring of natural gas, setback requirements and bonding. 
Partly in response to a rulemaking petition submitted by Powder River and our allies, the Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission is about to embark on a major revision of its rules to address three main concerns: 1) flaring; 2) bonding; and 3) setbacks from homes and schools...(3/17/2014)  

Oil Rigs Make Bad Neighbors: Americans Harmed By Oil And Gas Drilling, Seek To Be Heard
A coalition of people who live and work near the drilling rigs that have allowed the U.S. to see incredible booms in oil and gas production is in Washington, D.C. this week demanding that both government and industry be held accountable when drilling causes health and environmental problems...(05/23/13)

Wyo. to open books on hundreds of oil, gas wells
Petroleum companies, investors and landowners might soon get a better idea who has struck black gold and who might be in the red as a result of drilling for oil deep into the Niobrara Shale beneath eastern Wyoming...(7/27/2012)

Wyoming works quickly to replace oil and gas superviso
CHEYENNE — A day after state oil and gas supervisor Tom Doll submitted his resignation for making controversial comments about a water pollution debate in central Wyoming, Gov. Matt Mead and other state officials were looking to fill one of the most important jobs in state government....(6/16/2012)

Wyoming Land Officials Want Royalties For Flared Gas
Officials with the Wyoming Office of State Lands Investment want to limit the length of time that producers can flare natural gas produced on state lands without having to pay royalties on it, a move that some industry operators say could place undue burdens on them....(12/07/2011)