News on Other Power Plants

Broad Range of Citizens Support EPA's Carbon Pollution Limits
Citizens from a variety of backgrounds and professions from Wyoming and across the region are traveling to Denver today to support the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) proposed carbon pollution standards....(07/28/14)

Wyoming legislators oppose EPA pollution plan
Three Wyoming lawmakers have made their feelings known regarding a recent Environmental Protection Agency haze reduction proposal...(8/06/2012)

Take Action to Clean-up Wyoming's Coal Plants!
This summer, we have an unprecedented opportunity to reduce air pollution from coal-fired power plants in Wyoming, and we need your help to make it happen...(6/20/2012)

EPA proposal accelerates Wyoming coal-fired power plant pollution reduction
A federal proposal to accelerate the reduction of air pollution from coal-fired power plants in Wyoming has drawn strong opinions from both sides of the issue....(05/29/2012)

EPA air clean up proposal for Wyoming "secondrate"
Wyoming residents and sportsmen lamented today that the EPA would let owners of aging coalā€fired power plants in the state avoid updating their pollution controls with the most effective technology that's now the standard for over 200 coal plants around the country....(05-17-2012)

Utility seeks OK for pollution upgrades
Rocky Mountain Power is asking state regulators for permission to extend the life of its Naughton coal-fired power plant in southwest Wyoming with costly pollution control upgrades...(02-18/2012)

Clean Coal research is beginning to show results
WYOMING (wpr) - Since 2007 Wyoming's Clean Coal Technology Fund has poured 31 million dollars into developing more advanced and cleaner ways of burning coal. Now, the first wave of this research is beginning to show results. But as Wyoming Public Radio's Kathryn Flagg reports, these new technologies face some significant hurdles before they make the leap from the lab to the power plant....(09/09/2011)

Fuel Factories: Communities at Risk
Wyoming Refining Co.’s oil refinery is situated literally on Main Street in Newcastle and a mere half-mile away from Newcastle High School. The school is equipped with a “panic button” that shuts off all ventilation in the building in the event of a toxic spill....(02/24/2011)

Wyoming's mineral industries want to hire own permit reviewers
Wyoming's mineral industries are lobbying for the right to hire their own contractors to speed up permitting normally performed by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality...(09/19/2010)

Generating controversy
Its stack towering high above the Wyoming sagebrush, the Wygen III coal-fired power plant is complete and ready for operation starting Thursday.....(08-18-2010)

Oil refiners under scrutiny
If you’ve lived next to a refinery in Wyoming in the past 10 years, then you may have had residual oil rain down on your home, car and head....(04/10/2010)

Generating controversy
Its stack towering high above the Wyoming sagebrush, the Wygen III coal-fired power plant is complete and ready for operation starting Thursday...(03/28/2010)

Irrigators: Peak-hour penalty is anti-agriculture-Dozens of irrigation farmers in the Sheridan area say that a “peak-hour” rate penalty imposed by Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. could force some farmers to abandon their operations and subdivide lands......(03/21/2010)

WYGEN III Gets Final Permit-Wendilyn Grasseschi, News-Record-The final permit needed before construction can begin on the100-megawatt, $225 million coal-fired WyGen III plant was approved Thursday....(03/23/2008)