What We Do

Powder River Basin Resource Council was founded in 1973 by rural landowners working to protect their land, water, and air from the ravages of coal strip mining. For 45 years our citizen-based organization has been dedicated to civil society and to the stewardship of Wyoming’s human and natural resources.  We are committed to community organizing, leadership development, and the empowerment of citizens.

We played a leading role in the 1970’s to secure passage of landmark state and federal coal mining regulations, including the Wyoming Environmental Quality Act and the federal Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act. Our citizen-led efforts resulted in more effective coal mine permitting, bonding, reclamation and replacement of lost water wells - establishing a regulatory framework that continues to guide industry and government today.

The successes we found in our early work have continued throughout the years. Over the past four decades, the concentration of our work has been on ensuring responsible development that prevents and mitigates the negative impacts of energy development on the environment and the citizens of Wyoming. We have worked hard to prevent energy companies from harming private property, or ruining our clean air and water, and enjoyment of our homes. Our citizen power has effectively limited energy company influence over the legislative process and administrative agencies.

In addition to our energy work, a core part of our mission is protecting Wyoming’s agricultural heritage and ensuring a sustainable ag economy. Over the years, we have helped ensure a future for family farmers and ranchers, worked to curb corporate control of livestock markets, stopped corporate hog farms from expanding in Wyoming, and passed legislation to provide more rights for ranchers and farmers negotiating with energy companies.  More recently, we have expanded our work to support a growing local food and a new agricultural economy for our state.

“Until Powder River came into our community and helped us organize, we did not get any help from government agencies to address our problems.” – John Fenton, Pavillion

“I am grateful to the members and the dedicated staff of the Powder River Basin Resource Council. They have empowered me to participate in the democratic process to assure a better and more responsible development of Wyoming’s resources on my property, and to help others with similar concerns to speak out for their rights.” – Nancy Sorenson, Arvada

Waging Effective Campaigns

Powder River Basin Resource Council has been protecting Wyoming’s quality of life and agricultural heritage
through effective campaigns in our main focus areas since 1973.

Oil Rig


We organize landowners and citizens to pass and implement landmark policies at the state and federal level to address and prevent impacts from oil and gas development on our land, water, air, wildlife, property, and health and safety.

Coal Mine


We are the only Wyoming-based group that works to protect our land, water, and way of life from the impacts of the largest coal strip mines in the nation. We also work to improve Wyoming’s air quality by reducing air pollution at coal-fired power plants.

Uranium Field


Wyoming produces more uranium than any other state, and we work to reduce the impacts of this industrial development on our landscapes, precious groundwater, and people.

Cattle Ranch


Since our founding, we have been committed to preserving and enhancing our agricultural heritage and supporting our family farmers and ranchers, strengthening our rural communities, and building Wyoming’s local foods economy.

Cattle Ranch


Renewable energy creates jobs and stimulates the economy while decreasing harmful pollution. Wyoming has an opportunity to join many other states and nations in embracing the benefits that renewable energy can provide.