Oil & Gas

For the past thirty years, Powder River has organized landowners and citizens to address and prevent impacts to land, water, air, wildlife and health from oil and gas development.  We have been a leader in the passage of policies at the state and federal level that reformed oil and gas development practices and operations.

Powder River’s successful efforts include the passage of the Wyoming Surface Owner Protection Act which provides more rights to split estate landowners,  the reform of eminent domain laws which are more favorable to landowners, increasing bonding and reclamation requirements for oil and gas wells and waste facilities, requiring the disclosure of drilling and fracking chemicals, a requirement for baseline water testing, protection of freshwater aquifers, restrictions on flaring to prevent waste and pollution, increasing setbacks from homes, plugging and reclamation of orphan wells sites and the investigation and clean-up of ground and surface water contamination.

Our efforts continue as we push for responsible oil and gas develop.  We will continue our work to ensure protection of our lands, homes and our communities from the impacts of oil and gas drilling and development.

Oil & Gas Impact Videos

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