A uranium field in Wyoming

Uranium & the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Wyoming is estimated to have some of the largest uranium deposits in the world, and mining projects are currently planned for Crook, Weston, and Campbell Counties in Northeast Wyoming and Sweetwater and Fremont Counties in Southwest Wyoming. Uranium mining raises significant questions about the impacts of such activities on surface and ground water quality and quantity, public health, and residential and ranch property values. To minimize these impacts, the Resource Council works to prevent mining where such activities would threaten to contaminate aquifers. Additionally, we believe that mining operators should be required to post sufficient bonds to guarantee the cleanup and restoration of areas affected by their activities.

We are involved in all aspects of the regulatory process, including providing written comments and public testimony, to ensure that uranium projects will be safe and environmentally responsible.

We also oppose proposals for nuclear waste storage in Wyoming, and we work to educate the public on the cost and impacts of nuclear power.

For more information on “new” nuclear projects, their risks & costs, visit NuclearCosts.org.

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