Agriculture and Local Foods

The Resource Council has been a leader in progressive agricultural policy in the state of Wyoming for over four decades. We are committed to supporting our independent farmers and ranchers, strengthening our rural communities, and building our local food system by: expanding regenerative livestock production and restoring competition to the meatpacking industry; engaging in outreach and education activities that illustrate local agriculture is a viable path towards economic diversification; increasing the number of year-round and part-time producers in Wyoming; and ensuring our independent farmers and ranchers have a voice in local, state, and national debates.

Our members continue to lead a variety of campaigns and projects designed to bring the consumer closer to the producer including Farm to School, the Sheridan Food Forest, and the Sheridan County Seed Library.   There is also a story from Smithsonian Magazine featuring the Sheridan Food Forest. For features of independent producers from Wyoming and around the region who are fighting for a fair farm and food system, visit Homegrown Stories, a project of the Western Organization of Resource Councils.

Building Soil for Fat Cows & Ranch Profits Webinar

Building Soil for Fat Cows & Ranch Profits Resources

Healthy Soils Webinar Resources

Healthy Soils Webinar

Local Foods Marketing Webinar

UW Extension Guide to Buying Local Meat

Sheridan Seed Library Brochure

Sheridan Food Forest Brochure

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