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The Powder River Breaks Newsletter is published at the end of every even-numbered month, six times a year, and is mailed to members as a membership benefit. The Breaks covers a wide range of articles of interest to Wyomingites, including news about state and federal government actions affecting the natural resources and ranching heritage of the state, and Resource Council campaign successes, events, and other developments.

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Delinquent Mineral Taxes and Budget Deficits: A Case for Reform

Mineral tax revenue is extremely important to Wyoming counties and schools. Over the course of the past five months, Powder River reached out to treasurers in 12 counties and discovered a $42 million deficit in mineral tax collection. In our recent report, Mineral Tax Delinquencies and Budget Deficits, we offered several suggestions that, if followed, would give counties a much better chance of collecting taxes owed them in the future.


A Living Legacy – Wyoming’s Fortification Creek Area

Updated in April 2017, this publication highlights the beauty and natural resources of the Fortification Creek Area in the Powder River Basin, explains some of the threats the area is facing from oil and gas development, and offers recommendations for better management.

Is Oil & Gas Drilling Coming to Your Neighborhood?

This February 2017 publication, which was jointly prepared with the Cheyenne Area Landowners Coalition, highlights recent improvements to Wyoming regulations governing oil and gas drilling and offers suggestions on concrete steps homeowners can take to protect their property rights and quality of life.

The State of the Split Estate

This December 2010 publication provides a landowners’ perspective on Wyoming’s Split Estate Act, five years after it was passed. It was based on interviews with a dozen landowners and five attorneys who have used the Split Estate Act’s provisions, which take effect when a surface use agreement cannot be reached between a landowner and the oil and gas company with mineral rights under the owner’s land.  The publication helped to build the case for legislation increasing the surface owner protection bond for oil and gas development.


A Landowner Guide to the Wyoming Split Estate Act

This October 2005 publication explains Wyoming’s landmark Split Estate Act so landowners can understand their rights and remedies as they negotiate with oil and gas companies.


Our Future At Stake

Published at the height of the coalbed methane boom in 2003, this publication features the stories of landowners and citizens impacted by oil and gas development in the Powder River Basin.