June 11, 2019

This article by Greg Johnson appeared in the June 9, 2019 issue of the Gillette News Record. It takes a close look at the ongoing saga of unpaid mineral taxes by bankrupt mineral extraction companies and the potential for further problems if this issue is not addressed by the state.

“Rereading a chapter from a favorite novel can often reveal details and insight that make the story more rewarding. For Campbell County, Chapter 11 of the Powder River Basin coal industry’s nonfiction tale reads more like a recurring nightmare from a prolonged horror saga.
Cloud Peak Energy Corp.’s recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing has local and state officials worried about the future of the company’s three PRB mines and the 1,200-some-odd people who work at them. They’re also scrambling to get in line to salvage even a small fraction of the millions of dollars left owed to the people of Campbell County and Wyoming.”

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