Powder River’s 2021 Annual Report

This is Powder River Basin Resource Council’s 2021 Annual Report. To read the full report, please download the PDF.

Westerners Travel to Denver to Speak in Opposition to Fundamental Changes to NEPA

Denver, CO – Community leaders from across the Western U.S. traveled to Denver, Colorado today to testify at a hearing held by the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), the division of the White House charged with implementing the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). In the public hearing, farmers, ranchers, tribal members, environmental experts and others […]

Powder River Breaks September – October 2019

September – October 2019, Volume 47, Number 5 On Saturday, Nov. 2, Powder River will host its 47th Annual Meeting at the Holiday Inn in Sheridan. This year’s theme, When Coal is No Longer King: A Conversation on Wyoming’s Future, will explore how the state’s economy must change as the coal industry shrinks. Denise Parrish, […]

Landowner Guidelines for Negotiating a Mineral Lease or Surface Use Agreement

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide helpful tips to landowners who are negotiating mineral leases or surface use agreements. The guidelines have been developed in coordination and with assistance from the Converse County Landowners Association, Oil and Gas Accountability Project, and the Powder River Resource Council. Nothing in this document constitutes legal advice. […]

Information about Oil and Gas Leasing For Surface Owners Who Also Own Their Minerals

INTRODUCTION This article is written by an attorney who has written a book to educate low income surface owners regarding their conflicts with oil and gas drillers. This book, the West Virginia Surface Owners’ Guide to Oil and Gas*, is for people who own only the surface while someone else owns the minerals or for people who own […]

Issues to Consider When Negotiating an Oil and Gas Lease

The language below is an example of mineral lease language in a proposed lease agreement that is especially broad and not protective of private property below,) togehter with the right to construct and maintain pipelines, telephone and electric lines, tanks, ponds, roadways,  plants, equipment, and structures thereon to produce, save and take care of said oil […]

Requirements to Consider Placing in an Oil and Gas Surface Use Agreement or Mineral Lease Agreement

Company/Crew/All Personnel, Subcontractors, Assignees, etc., Stipulations to be observed at all times prior to or while on land or leases: Damage/access fee will be paid in advance in full, for proposed entry or activity of any kind on land or leases. Your company is responsible for PRIOR NOTIFICATION AND RECEIPT BY (your name) of any […]

The State of the Split Estate

This December 2010 publication provides a landowners’ perspective on Wyoming’s Split Estate Act, five years after it was passed. It was based on interviews To continue reading, download the following pdf.