Cheyenne Know Your Rights 2017

The Powder River Basin Resource Council and our Laramie County affiliate, Cheyenne Area Landowners Coalition (CALC), works with home and business- owners to advocate for increased setbacks and improved measures to mitigate air pollution and other quality of life impacts from noise, lights and traffic. In addition to the rules discussed in this pamphlet, there […]

A Landowner Guide to the Wyoming Split Estate Act

Background of the Law The Wyoming split estate act is a tribute to dozens if not hundreds of individuals—both in the state legislature and in communities throughout the state—who worked countless hours for three years to produce a law that provides landowners with some rights over oil and gas development occurring on their land. To […]

Our Future At Stake

On January 18th, 2003 the Bureau of Land Management released the Final Environmental Impact Statement on the development of 40,000 new coalbed methane wells to be drilled over the next decade in the Powder River Basin. Eight million acres in the Basin will be opened up to drilling. Over three quarters of the development will […]