July 25, 2019

Natural Resources Defense Council, Northern Plains Resource Council, Powder River Basin Resource Council, The Wilderness Society, and  Western Organization of Resource Councils (collectively, Conservation Groups), by and through their counsel, respectfully move to intervene as Respondents in the above-captioned matter. The Conservation Groups move to intervene as of right, or alternatively, to intervene
permissively, consistent with Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 24 and Local Rule 83.6(e).

This case concerns the fair valuation of coal, oil, and natural gas produced from federal leases. Lessees must make royalty payments on these mineral resources using valuation methods set by the Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR). In 2016, following years of public engagement, ONRR issued a final rule—known as the Valuation Rule—adopting much-needed changes to the valuation system.

Motion to Intervene as Respondents

NRDC Declaration

TWS Declaration