March – April 2020, Volume 48, Number 2

Powder River and many Sheridan County landowners and concerned citizens filed objections to Ramaco’s proposed Brook Mine this month. The mine is proposed approximately six miles north of Sheridan, in the scenic Tongue River Valley, an area with important agricultural and recreational
attributes. Most of the objecting landowners live in close proximity to the mine and are concerned about impacts to their property, health and safety,
and quality of life.

Ramaco’s coal mine permit underwent six rounds of technical review from the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) back in 2014 – 2016. After a contested hearing before the Environmental Quality Council (EQC) in 2017 and an order in favor of Powder River, local landowners the Fishers, and Big Horn Coal Co., the company resubmitted a revised permit application to DEQ in October 2018. The permit application then underwent another six rounds of technical review and was released for public comment in early March. 

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