“Review of the federal coal program is sorely needed and long overdue. As the coal market continues its decline, the American public, mining states, and coal communities deserve a fair return from federal coal. Leasing should match real market demand and minimize impacts on our air, land, water, and agriculture and to other economic activity in our states. The federal coal program is a leading contributor to US greenhouse gas emissions, but its last analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) was back in 1979; our knowledge of climate change has grown exponentially since then, and the updated science must be incorporated into the program,” said Bob LeResche, Powder River Board member, WORC Coal Team Chair and a Powder River Basin landowner. “We urge Interior to fully review and update the agency’s coal leasing policies, regulations, and planning documents in light of our national commitment to combat climate change, protect water, air, wildlife and other natural resources, support coal communities through the coming energy transition, and provide a fair return to American public – the owners of the federal coal resource.”

  • Bob LeResche, Powder River Basin Resource Council Board member & WORC Coal Team Chair